What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Our home city is Washington, DC. Due to Fly America rules, we had to fly through Europe, usually on Lufthansa/United via Frankfurt. The trip would take roughly a day. Traveling to Saudi is about the same as traveling anywhere, though it's made more difficult because of the visa requirements. Also, there are rules about who can fly into Jeddah during the hajj season - basically, unless you can prove that you live in Jeddah, you are not allowed to fly there during hajj without a hajj visa. And yeah, they definitely stop people at Frankfurt trying to board the plane. - Oct 2019

United States. This is theoretically easy because there are direct Saudia flights to New York, Washington, and Los Angeles. However, if you have to deal with Fly America you will probably have to fly to a completely separate continent to switch planes on your way home. Due to the hajj/umrah traffic, Jeddah has a lot of international connections, particularly if you want to go to another Muslim-majority country. Regular direct flights to the UK, France, and Germany as well. - Mar 2019

Washington DC. The trip is long, but there is a direct flight. Jeddah is the gateway to Mecca so there are lots of direct flights to any country with a large number of religious pilgrims. - Jan 2019

Washington, D.C. Flights are 14+ hours. Connections via Dubai or Frankfurt - Apr 2016

California 24 hours you stop in Frankfunt - Nov 2015

California: 24 hours, We fly from here to Frankfurt, wait around 4 hours in the airport, then we travel to the States We have 3 R&R's in this post - Oct 2015

Washington DC, 8 hours to Frankfurt and 5 hours and half from Frankfurt to Jeddah. - Oct 2015

State-side is SLC, Utah - 1 connection in Paris but approximately 20-24 hours total. It costs about US$1200 round-trip. Germany - we can get there in 6-12 hours, depending on whether we can get a direct flight. It costs about US$600-800 round-trip. - Aug 2015

This is maybe the worst part of living here. Our home is in DC. We fly to Frankfurt - 6 hours flight and then stay there about 6 more hours. Then it's another 10 hours to DC so you have an entire day of traveling. If you have small kids, this is a nightmare you don't want to live more that once per year. - Feb 2014

It's approximately 24 hours, including connections, from Jeddah to my home base in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Flights generally stop in Europe (Frankfurt, Paris, London, sometimes Amsterdam), then again at a U.S. gateway (usually New York or Chicago for me), then direct from there to Portland, Oregon. - Dec 2013

West Coast, USA. The trip takes about 25 hours, depending on connections. We connect in Chicago, Denver, Portland, or Salt Lake City. - May 2013

14 hours form WDC through Frankfurt - Nov 2010

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