Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

We had high-speed internet and never had a problem. Sometimes it went out but was back in about 20 minutes. It was installed within a week of arrival. Highly recommend getting a good VPN before arriving; Saudi has some of the toughest rules on internet use and it will be impossible to even visit VPN sites once you arrive. - Oct 2019

It is available, cost is about USD 100 per month, some of the compounds have it installed already. - Mar 2019

You can have your social sponsor install it before you arrive if you want. - Jan 2019

Yes and affordable on housing compounds. - Apr 2016

The internet here is terrible! - Nov 2015

Internet service is bad here. - Oct 2015

Very poor service at $26 dollars a month. - Oct 2015

Yes, but the local company can be difficult to work with. Cost is approximately US$30-55 per month. - Aug 2015

STC is the best - some other ones have limited downloads. We had a very bad experience with Zein. - Feb 2014

They have 4G internet from a variety of providers. We pay about US$275 for six months of "unlimited" Internet. However, if you go beyond the limit of your "unlimited" monthly allotment, your internet becomes mind-numbingly slow for the rest of the month in punishment for your transgression. No one at Zain has yet been able to explain why it's called "unlimited" even though it is limited. - Dec 2013

Yes. It runs about $60/month for us. It's fast and reliable enough for our needs--telecommuting, VOIP calling, social media, etc. - May 2013

Internet is ridiculously bad.3G internet works depending on where you're sitting and compound service is v. bad and they have a monopoly so they have no reason to improve it. It's expensive and barely works. The GSO should put the hammer down on the compounds to improve it; but we all know that won't happen. - Nov 2010

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