Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

No. - Oct 2019

See above re: theocracy. I know that LGBT officers have served here, but I cannot comment authoritatively on their experiences. - Mar 2019

A surprisingly very, very, vibrant gay scene. - Jan 2019

Yes from what I'm told. No first hand knowledge. - Apr 2016

It's illegal here. - Nov 2015

Defititely not, but I've seen a few. - Oct 2015

Not at all. - Oct 2015

No. But even for heterosexuell couples, public display of affection is not allowed here. During our time here, we've only seen one young couple so far holding hands in public - that's it. We heard that there is a small gay scene here, but we don't know more about it. - Aug 2015

I don't think so. - Feb 2014

Obviously not the best. I have heard that there underground gay scenes in large Saudi cities but I can't confirm. - Dec 2013

Homosexuality is against the law here, but of course that doesn't stop homosexuals from being homosexual. It's just called by different names so that people can justify it to themselves. However, if you're a gay/lesbian expat and can't avoid coming to Saudi, then to avoid running into serious trouble, plan on abstinence during your stay. (This is just my take, however, and I have no real experience with what it's like to be gay/lesbian here.) - May 2013

I doubt it. - Nov 2010

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