Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes. And yeah, I know, it sounds like I wasn't happy. I wasn't, but my boys loved it. It was wonderful for them. And I'm glad I went and had the experience of living there. That said, I wouldn't agree to spend the third year.I would much rather have left after two and being only mildly irritated instead of full-out exasperated. Plus we could have avoided that disastrous third year at the school. - Oct 2019

It is a fascinating place to be right now as there is a lot of change, both positive and negative. So I'm glad I came, but I will be glad to leave. - Mar 2019

Yes. I would not come back, but this is an easy post to make some money. - Jan 2019

Absolutely not! - Apr 2016

Not in a million years - Nov 2015

No way! This is a difficult place to live in, and now that we will not be in compounds, this is going to be hell on earth. And without the danger payment there is no reason to make this sacrifice. - Oct 2015

No. - Oct 2015

Probably. We've had a good time here so far. It hasn't been as culturally enriching as we hoped it would be, but we really like the community here and made many good friends. We've also been able to save money as we had expected. For women who are more independent and see the Saudi social norms as significant disadvantage may want to seek another post. - Aug 2015

Yes, the kids really like it here, but I don't know if it is going to be the same when the Consulate moves in the next few years. - Feb 2014

Absolutely. I wouldn't stay here long term -- my positive attitude has its limits (about two years, I'd say) -- but I've been pleasantly surprised at how decent life in Jeddah is. - Dec 2013

Yes. It is much better than I expected. I love our compound! - May 2013

Eh - it was a one year tour and it went quickly. Saudi is oppressive. Oppressive heat, oppressive laws, etc. I'm glad I did it, I made some money, and certainly learned a lot. I don't have any plans of coming back. - Nov 2010

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