What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Aluminum foil and plastic wrap; those are always terrible outside of the US! Sunscreen and bug spray are very expensive, when you can find them. - Oct 2019

We don't actually long for a lot here. Between the incredibly well-stocked supermarkets and commissary, there's very little I can't get and I could probably get it if I was willing to accept another brand. - Jan 2019

Sunscreen, board games to play when it's too hot to go out which is 85% of the time. - Apr 2016

scuba diving stuff, mosquitoes repellent, sun block, light clothes, dog food. - Nov 2015

Nothing. - Oct 2015

More carpets for our house. - Aug 2015

Mosquito repellent, diapers, healthy snacks,shampoo (the water here has lots of salt), pool toys for the kids, beach toys, swim suits, tennis raquets, scuba diving equipment, more toys (expensive and poor quality here). - Feb 2014

Children's summer clothes, shoes, books, swimming suits. - May 2013

My girlfriend - Nov 2010

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