How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

We used the DPO. Local post is mostly dependent on independent couriers. - Oct 2019

APO is generally reliable, except at the holidays when they are just overwhelmed. - Mar 2019

APO and Pouch. Anywhere between two-three weeks. - Jan 2019

Pouch and DPO - Apr 2016

APO and pouch - Nov 2015

APO and Diplomatic Pouch. - Oct 2015

APO or DPO. - Oct 2015

For U.S. Consulate staff, APO and pouch mail are available and fairly unrestricted. - Aug 2015

APO and pouch. - Feb 2014

I use the U.S. Consulate's APO and pouch system. - Dec 2013

DPO. Non-USG expats use Aramex. - May 2013

APO, it's fine. - Nov 2010

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