Jeddah - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Most western compounds have sports and workout facilities included in the price, though instructor-led courses or sessions had an extra fee paid to the instructor. Booking of sport facilities is sometimes necessary. - Nov 2020

There are a number of gyms in the community, including Gold's Gym and Curves for Women. I don't know the prices. - Oct 2019

I believe both compounds have gyms; there is also a gym on the Consulate and I suspect (though do not know) one coming in the new place as well. There is a chain of gyms in town called Fitness Time, but I'm not sure about cost and, just as importantly, how women might be treated. - Mar 2019

There is a free and decent gym on each of the housing compounds, at the current consulate, and at the new consulate. They're all free and usually empty. If you want to take specialty classes (yoga, martial arts, aerial yoga, etc.) there are gyms in town, classes are about $20 per class. - Jan 2019

Small gym at the Consulate. - Apr 2016

In the compound they have aerobics, yoga, zumba, core, personal instructors, aquaerobics, tennis, classes for the kids; a lot of activities for a very reasonable price, around US$7 per class or even free. - Nov 2015

They have gym classes at the compound for a very reasonable price, around 6 USD per class. I went once to Gold's gym and asked about the fees. It was ridiculously unaffordable. - Oct 2015

Yes, but they cost as much as in the States. - Oct 2015

On compound gyms are available at no cost to Consulate employees. Housing compounds usually offer it as well. Gold's gym for serious gym goers are also available at a cost, but we've heard that they are pricey. - Aug 2015

In the compound there is a tiny gym, tennis classes for kids and adults, aerobics, yoga, pilates, zumba ( you pay per class about US$8 or less, tennis lessons about US$26 per class or less). There is a big and nice Golds gym - one part for men and one for women (expensive but not sure how much). - Feb 2014

I just use the facilities on the compound. There are a few fitness centers in northern Jeddah that Saudis use. I don't know any Westerners that use them. - Dec 2013

The compounds almost always have a gym available. Some are good, but some are not so good. The consulate also has facilities. A lot of people feel bored in Jeddah; some of them see the gym and fitness classes as a good escape. Swimming pools are everywhere. - May 2013

Marines have a decent gym, housing compound gyms are like apt gyms, no real free-weights, some dumbbells. There are gold's gyms etc in town. - Nov 2010

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