Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Ants are everywhere and do not respond to typical ant traps. - Oct 2019

Ants are a big problem, I have backhauled ant traps on more than one occasion. There are occasional gekko sightings but again, I've seen worse and they help to keep the insect population down. - Mar 2019

Ants and roaches - Apr 2016

mosquitoes, a lot of them... - Nov 2015

Mosquitoes. a lot, specially during the winter, is when you can be out, but then the mosquitoes bother you a lot - Oct 2015

Various kinds of ants. - Oct 2015

Mosquitoes, especially when it gets "colder", but it's not that bad. Some people also have problems with ants. We only get ants when we leave out food. - Aug 2015

Ants and mosquitoes. - Feb 2014

Insects aren't really an issue here, at least in my admittedly sheltered experience. Mosquitoes are annoying during the winter but not a huge problem with a little bug repellent and keeping doors and windows closed. Ants can sometimes be an issue in my house. - Dec 2013

There are ants in pretty much every home. Mosquitoes, too, but compounds try to keep them down by spraying DDT regularly. Lice infestations erupt in the schools occasionally. I learned the hard way that my girls must have their hair up every day they go to school. - May 2013

mosquitoes, ants - Nov 2010

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