What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

In the summertime, Jeddah is both extremely hot, and in a fun twist, extremely humid. Most people leave for the summer months. There was a joke that people would pick up their kids from school and head straight to the airport. This joke was not far from wrong. Winter is fantastic, beautiful and balmy and not hot in the slightest. Sometimes you even want a pair of jeans. Not because you can't show your ankles without getting arrested, but because it's actually a little on the cool side. - Oct 2019

Hot and humid most of the year, except in the summer when it is EXTREMELY HOT and EXTREMELY HUMID. Good news is that you can spend New Year's on the beach - Mar 2019

It's humid. Into the 100s during the summer; a very pleasant 80s in the winter. Not as humid as the rest of the Gulf. - Jan 2019

Hot and hot - Apr 2016

From May to October it is really hot, I've never experienced that hot and humid weather in my life - you get out of the A/C and feel like you can't breathe. From November to April it is great, but mosquitoes are a problem during these months. - Nov 2015

HOT!!!! the summer here (From May to October) is a hell, and is humid.you can not even swim because the pool is to hot The winter is not to bad. but cold, you will never be. - Oct 2015

Very hot and humid from May to November, and just hot from November to May. - Oct 2015

Hot and humid from April to October. Pleasant and less humid fall and winter months. It's never cold during the day, but it can get a little chilly in the evenings from Dec-February. It rarely rains here, maybe 3-5 days a year, but when it rains, it pours and parts of the city are flooded. - Aug 2015

Hot all year: from May to September, it is really hot (July and August you better run away from the 120F heat!). From November to the beginning of March, it is great, hot but too bad - the nights would be great to be outside but beware of mosquitoes. - Feb 2014

Skies are almost always clear, meaning cloudless. Rain may fall a time or two per year between October and February, but typically very little. Humidity rises and falls during the summer months -- it's stifling when the air is heavy with water vapor but not bad at all when the humidity is relatively low. Temperatures hardly vary at all in the summer, with highs between 100-105F and lows in the 80s. Winter is also almost always cloudless with a few rare rain episodes. Highs only rarely drop below 80F and most often in the mid-80s. Lows hardly ever get below 70F. - Dec 2013

Wonderful in the winter. Amazingly hot and humid in the summer. Not much rain. Ever. - May 2013

It's hot and humid - Nov 2010

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