Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

No. It is not a shopping post. - Oct 2019

Probably, but I've been in the region a while so nothing really stands out. - Mar 2019

Bazaars are big for women. Lots of events organized around shopping, but it's all imported from India/Pakistan/Afghanistan/Lebanon so prices are much higher. - Jan 2019

Rugs - Apr 2016

Travel, restaurants, going to the beach. - Oct 2015

Carpets. - Oct 2015

Before coming here, we thought that it would be easy to find neat Middle Eastern decorations, but we have yet to find something we like. We have found a few things we liked, but the cost has been a lot higher than expected. Some people buy dresses, carpets here, but we've heard that other Middle Eastern countries have even better prices and selection. - Aug 2015

Carpets and travel, go to the beach, domestic service, camping in the desert, extra sport activities for the kids. - Feb 2014

Airline tickets, dates, carpets, sheep skins, perfume, knock-off sunglasses, kitsch. - May 2013

I don't think there's much unique in Saudi anymore. You can get carpets etc, shish pipes.. but it's not like you're getting them handmade in tehran, i'm just not certain this is a destination for that type of thing. - Nov 2010

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