Can you save money?

Yes - Apr 2016

I guess, there is nothing to do here, you have everything you can need in the compound. - Nov 2015

I guess so, if you don't travel. However, there is no danger payment anymore, so it is not as attractive as it used to be. - Oct 2015

Not really. - Oct 2015

Yes, if you don't go too crazy on travel. - Aug 2015

Yes. - Feb 2014

Yes. Gas is super cheap, and when traveling it's easy in the larger towns to find cheap and clean hotels if you know some Arabic. There's just not much to spend money on in Jeddah outside of eating out, going to the beach, and scuba diving. - Dec 2013

Yes, if you don't spend it all on air travel. - May 2013

Yup. - Nov 2010

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