But don't forget your:

Sense of humor. Patience. Stress relief. - Oct 2019

Swim and diving gear. - Mar 2019

Sunblock. - Jan 2019

Sanity! - Apr 2016

Hair treatments. The water has really bad quality; they take off the salt of the ocean with lots of chemical substances, so you are going to loose a lot of your hair, and your skin will be dry as paper. You are going to look older and fatter when you leave this post. - Oct 2015

Light clothes - plus a lot of books and movies. - Oct 2015

diving and snorkeling gear - Aug 2015

Summer clothes. - Feb 2014

Scuba gear and positive attitude. - Dec 2013

Swimming gear, SUV, holiday decor (very difficult and sometimes impossible to find here, and despite reports to the contrary, you can get your stuff through customs as long as you label it innocuously. So, a Christmas tree becomes a "fake tree", etc. - May 2013

Sunglasses, sunscreen, light suits, swimsuit, positive mental attitude. - Nov 2010

New book from Talesmag! Honest and courageous stories of life abroad with special needs.

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