Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

The medical care is pretty good, if you can find a provider. - Oct 2019

Air quality is not great, and you will get dust storms. There are a ton of doctors in town, a lot of whom were western-trained. The medical care generally is average, and certainly if you have anything life-threatening you want to get to London as quickly as possible. - Mar 2019

Medical care is hit or miss. There is a health unit on the consulate and a local doctor who is always there. Medevac point is London although some people are planning on giving birth here. - Jan 2019

Medical care available but extremely expensive. Lots of pollution in the air. - Apr 2016

Corona virus and dengue. There's terrible medical care here. - Nov 2015

There is no good medical care here. - Oct 2015

Medical care is very poor. Fancy hospitals have very poor service and are very expensive. - Oct 2015

Health care services look good at some hospitals, but can be lacking in some regards. - Aug 2015

Serious and urgent matters require medevac. - Feb 2014

There were a few scattered reports of dengue fever in Jeddah. Nothing huge. I won't use the medical care here for anything apart from teeth cleaning, a regular office visit for a checkup, or an eye checkup. If I or a family member needed to be cut open at all, for anything, I'd send them to Europe or the U.S. I'm not exaggerating that a lot of Saudi doctors paid others to do their homework for them during med school, and a few even outright bought their degrees. - Dec 2013

I don't trust any Saudi doctors. Cheating is too endemic in their culture, and they do it even if they attended Western medical schools. Plan on medevac for any significant medical concern, and avoid being in one of those nightmare stories . . . or avoid not living to tell your own nightmare story. - May 2013

I wouldn't have anything major done in Saudi. No child birth, surgery, root canal, etc. I would try to get to the states for anything that counts. - Nov 2010

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