What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

The expat community is fairly large, especially once you look beyond the diplomats. Lots of expats are there with banks, construction companies, and international businesses. The morale is mostly good; many expats live in Jeddah for years and years before moving away, but there's also a bit of stress because (a) Jeddah and (b) no one knows if they're going to be have to leave immediately or not. - Oct 2019

Jeddah has a significant expat community ranging from the mission to a variety of businessmen, engineers, consultants, etc. Morale varies; the hikes in residency fees have led more than one family decide they are not wanted and to decamp for home. This is probably the most gossipy expat community I have seen, and I think it's fed by a sense of isolation on the compounds. - Mar 2019

Not small, but getting smaller due to economic reforms happening in the country. Expats outside of the diplomatic community tend to have been here for 7+ years. Morale among them is good. In many ways, Jeddah can be an easy life if you're a homebody or happy just hanging out by the pool every weekend. For the consulate community, it's a mix. Few love it, some hate it, most don't mind it but are waiting to leave. - Jan 2019

40 direct hires. Low morale - Apr 2016

It was OK, but now that they took the danger pay so the EFMs are kind of disappointed. - Nov 2015

During the past year it was okay. But now that they have removed the danger pay and we are going to move to the new compound ... who knows? - Oct 2015

The morale in post is very good. - Oct 2015

44 American FTE @ the Consulate. Many others working for companies in the Kingdom. Overall, there is likely 3,000+ western expats. - Aug 2015

People with young kids are actually happy. Couples and singles are miserable. - Feb 2014

There aren't a great many Americans in Jeddah, but the overall Western expat community is fair. Morale varies among those I know. Some are counting the days until they can leave this backward country, others are delighted by the place. I suppose it's what you choose to focus on. Focus on the bad drivers and the despicable way women are treated and you'll probably be unhappy. Focus on the fascinating culture and the fact that you're in the midst of an experience so few Westerns can ever have, and you'll have a pretty decent time. - Dec 2013

Big. There are a lot of expats working for banks and infrastructure companies. - May 2013

This is my first expat experience, but I think it's large - there may be more foreigners here than Saudis. If not, it's close. - Nov 2010

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