Jeddah - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

No public non-Islamic services are held. There may be private groups and/or groups organized by diplomatic missions for other religions, but anything other than at a consulate would be highly illegal and I am not religious enough to risk that. There may be English-language Islamic services, but I wasn't aware of any. - Oct 2022

I have heard of Christian church services being available but are few and far between and are most likely held in private facilities. - Aug 2022

As others have posted, the official religion of Saudi Arabia is Islam and public practice of other religions is prohibited. While formal churches are not available, there are meaningful ways to connect in English with others expats of similar beliefs. - Nov 2020

Saudi Arabia does not allow any religious services for anything other than Islam. - Oct 2019

This is a monarchy and a theocracy. All religions other than Islam are illegal. - Mar 2019

There are monthly faith services for Catholics, Protestants, and Church of the Latter Day Saints. - Jan 2019

None - Apr 2016

Only Islam is allowed here. - Nov 2015

None. - Oct 2015

Islam is the only permitted religion in Saudi Arabia. CLO office has more details. - Aug 2015

No churches. - Feb 2014

Yes. Just ask around. They are all underground¬Ě services. - May 2013

No. It's Islam all day here. - Nov 2010

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