What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Household help is plentiful; expect to pay roughly US$8-10/hour for nannies, housekeepers, and the like. - Oct 2019

About $10 per hour, give or take. A lot of expats have nannies and/or housekeepers. There are no yards to speak of, so no gardeners. I have not seen a Saudi in one of these jobs, it is all Filipinas/Sri Lankans/etc. The government is constantly hiking their residence permit fees, though, so I'd expect salaries to eventually go up as people leave the country. - Mar 2019

Household help is a struggle. You really have to spend time searching for a good person. People will be late to interviews, unresponsive, and so on. If you stay in the compound pool, help runs about $10 an hour. If you are willing to spend a lot of time advertising and finding someone else who's not already in the pool, it's about $550 a month for full-time, live-in. Big cost difference. - Jan 2019

Limited and expensive. - Apr 2016

Another issue, it is VERY difficult to get a full time nanny here. You have to be her sponsor, and no one can be here without a sponsor, so you have to wait until someone is ready to go to transfer the sponsor. It is a big deal. - Nov 2015

It is difficult to find full-time help. You have to be her sponsor and wait until her last sponsor transfers her to you. - Oct 2015

Around US$10 per hour. - Oct 2015

Going rate seems to be US$7 per hour. - Aug 2015

Generally Filipinas and African nationals - for full-time, you pay about US$1,000 per month plus having to be a sponsor (costs about US$600 per year). It is VERY VERY difficult find good help good (rely on referrals). - Feb 2014

Widely available. For expats, costs range between USD5 and 7 per hour for part-time cleaning and childcare. I think it best to pay on the high side --- my capitalist way of redistributing wealth to those who really need it and earn it well. - May 2013

500 riyal for a maid to come by once a week. - Nov 2010

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