Jeddah - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

I kept my phone from home, but swapped for a local SIM. I used Mobily and never had any issues; STC is also very reliable. Choose the one that's closest to your home, because you may need to go to the shop to change plan details or to pay for minutes/GB. - Oct 2022

Each PCS officer is provided an IPHONE and is charged for long distance calls. I have heard that the Google phone card works well and is recommended. Some officers even use their State side issued cell phone while assigned to Jeddah. - Aug 2022

Wifi calling via home carrier is useful (be sure to activate wifi calling before you leave your home country). Mobile phones require being finger printed to get a local number. Many utilized WhatsApp and other wifi calling options. - Nov 2020

We used a local provider. - Oct 2019

If you are here with a diplomatic mission, the biometric requirements can make it difficult to get a SIM card. Check with your work sponsor. - Mar 2019

Office will provide a phone for you. Always practice good communications discipline. - Jan 2019

STC - Nov 2015

They have three providers. - Oct 2015

Local options for unlocked phones available. Local phones available to purchase as well. - Aug 2015

The consulate gives you one, but for the spouses STC is very reasonable about US$10 per month. If you want internet on your phone, you pay about US$6 per month. All the phones you buy here are unlocked. - Feb 2014

You can bring anything that's unlocked and just buy a sim card here. Expect to pay US$50-$100/month for calls and data. The three main companies are STC, Mobily, and Zain. I use Zain and I think I pay more than I should. Friends who use STC get the same service as me and pay less. But there's a Zain store walking distance from my house, and since online bill pay is unreliable, it's worth it to me to be able to just walk to the store to pay my bills and other weird, unexplainable charges that come my way. - Dec 2013

Cellphone shops are often the scene of hilarious conversations between attendants and their bewildered expat customers. If you bring your smartphone from the U.S., get it unlocked before you come. - May 2013

You'll get a cell issued by the CG. - Nov 2010

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