Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

We were not allowed to use local transportation. - Oct 2019

No trams, buses or trains. Sometimes the compounds run shuttles around town but we are not supposed to take them. There is Uber and a local variant called Careem, check in with RSO when you get here about which, if any, is safe to use. There are also a lot of marked cabs. Traffic is erratic but it's not a thing where you are dodging scooters and cows etc., on the road; you just have some people who drive erratically and at high speeds, especially at night. - Mar 2019

You're only allowed to take the expensive version of Careem, ride with friends, ride in consulate cars, or drive your own car - Jan 2019

No and no. - Apr 2016

THis is another issue here; we are not allowed to take public transportation and women are not allowed to drive. The consulate do not provide private drivers, They have drivers there and you have to call them but when VIPs visit you have to be grounded because there are no vehicles available. Now we have a small supermarket in the compound, as so as the school, gym, and extra activities for the kids, but in the new consulate's compound we will not have this, so this is going to be a problem. - Nov 2015

Mobility is a big deal for women here. We are not allowed to use public transportation or to drive. We depend on the motor pool, and have to call and ask them like they are doing a favor to you. And often they just tell you to wait because they don't have vehicles available. and you have to wait sometimes even an hour for them to come. - Oct 2015

Public transportation is not available. US Consulate folks are not allowed to take taxis. - Oct 2015

USG employees are not allowed to take taxis or buses. A POV is highly recommended and necessary for a normal life. - Aug 2015

We are not allowed to take taxis. - Feb 2014

We, as U.S. diplomats, aren't allowed to use taxis, but I think they're reasonably safe. For males. I wouldn't recommend a female use one without a male. It's not fair but it's just the way it is here. - Dec 2013

USG employees do not take these; we use our motorpool instead. Compounds often have buses, cars, and drivers available to take you wherever you need or want to go. These are very safe and are reasonably priced (and sometimes free). - May 2013

Taxis are available but drivers are weird with women, as I understand it. Most people at the CG use motorpool if they don't have a car. I've taken a few cabs and it was fine. - Nov 2010

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