Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes, we used our credit card extensively and never had a problem. There are ATMS but I never used one. - Oct 2019

Widely accepted and safe to use. I have not used an ATM personally but I do see them around. Best to change money at the Consulate though, the cashier will give you the official rate. - Mar 2019

There's a cashier at the consulate. Credit cards are used in most places that you'll go to, hole in the walls will require cash. I don't use an ATM. - Jan 2019

No problems. - Apr 2016

the ATMs do not charge commission and there is one in the compound. - Nov 2015

We used them often, but they are not accepted in many places. - Oct 2015

You can use them. - Oct 2015

Both are widely available, easy, and safe to use. Less modern stores are cash only. - Aug 2015

No problem generally but credit cards are not accepted at all places (carry cash). - Feb 2014

It's not a problem at all around Jeddah, as long as you're okay with the fees. Outside Jeddah, forget about it. - Dec 2013

We generally use cash at stores and restaurants. Although most big stores accept credit cards, it is safest to avoid using them. Petty crime is very low, so I don't worry about carrying cash. - May 2013

It's easier to take large sums from the ATM and then use cash for all expenses. - Nov 2010

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