How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Everything is available in Jeddah, including a wide variety of both local and international items. There were very, very few things I could not find in the local grocery stores - and I'm a huge baker and cook. If I can't find it, you probably didn't want to use it anyway. The prices were comparable to the US - slightly higher because of being imported, but nothing unreasonable. Except for the avocados, those were $10/each. - Oct 2019

About the same. Unless you like to drink alcohol and eat pork (in which case this is NOT the post for you), there's a lot available, right down to kale and soy milk. You will pay U.S. prices or above though. There are two major supermarket chains in town, Danube and Hyperpanda, and a Carrefour is open though it's a bit of a hike from where the Consulate people are. - Mar 2019

Prices are about the same as they are in the U.S.,if you shop at the grocery markets. Our commissary options are insane, pretty much everything under the sun. It's also much better than Riyadh because we don't have to drive anywhere to access it. In Jeddah, you just send an email and everything is delivered weekly to the consulate for you to pick up. - Jan 2019

Lots of grocery stores. Expensive! - Apr 2016

A little bit cheaper than in the States; you can find imported stuff but it's very expensive. We prefer to order some stuff from walmart or amazon. - Nov 2015

The fruits and vegetables are not the best, but they are okay. You can find some imported ones, but they are very expensive. No organic ones. - Oct 2015

Everything is available but very expencive. - Oct 2015

Due to the big expat community, availability of Western and Asian products is great, but not perfect. As in many other countries, expect to pay a lot for some Western products like Greek yogurt and almond/soy milk. Pork and alcohol are not available. Riyadh based U.S. military provides many items not available on the Saudi market. - Aug 2015

Fruits and vegetables are not too bad. We order cleaning supplies. Local diapers are terrible. - Feb 2014

My sense is that you'll pay here about what you'd pay in a big U.S. city like Washington D.C. Produce can be a little cheaper here in the right seasons. - Dec 2013

Aside from pork, you can generally find whatever you need or want. Most good grocery stores have a large import section that has the foods that you are likely to be accustomed to. Things that tend to be expensive or of poor quality on the market include: chocolate chips, canned goods, and corn chips. Fruits and vegetables are pretty inexpensive and generally of good quality. Although you cannot get pork, you can get substitutes like turkey bacon and turkey ham. USG employees have access to the commissary, where they can generally get whatever they lack. - May 2013

Slightly cheaper than in the States. - Nov 2010

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