Wuhan - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

The city is mostly flat, almost all Metro stations and entrances have elevators and escalators, and buses are all low-floor ones. However, the stations are large and transfers can involve a lot of walking. Many areas are crowded, and there may be no place to sit and rest. These issues can make things challenging for someone with trouble walking or standing for long periods. On sidewalks, you may have to dodge bikes and scooters. Paving stones can be uneven and frequent rain makes things slick. Most buildings and stations have some sort of ramp and accessible gates. I have not seen many people in wheelchairs. Also: public toilets in stations and such may only be Asian-style ones. (Hotels, meeting halls and such tend to have Western style or a choice of either, and very fancy ones at that). - Jul 2021

Nothing is wheelchair accessible. - Jan 2020

It would be difficult. - Feb 2008

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