What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

Apparently. It is quite hard to get promoted after serving in Tokyo. There seems to be a misconception that this is a cushy and easy post. it is a first world country and maybe that’s why it is a very weird community that lacks cohesiveness - but on top of that officers in each section seem isolated, tired overworked and unhappy. There are so many high-level visits that most holidays and long weekends are filled with work. - Mar 2019

How frustrating the crowds can be. Everything that sounds fun to you sounds fun to like a million other people. We will go places 30 or 45 minutes early to queue up just because if you arrive later it will be a longer wait (like over an hour to get into an indoor playground for example if you arrive at the actual opening time). How hot and unbearable the summers can be. So look buggy. The mosquitos are horrible. - Jun 2018

That credit cards are not widely used, how concerned the Japanese are about recycling/trash separation, that you have to carry your trash back home when you're out and about (no public trash cans), how sticky/hot the summer gets, how concerned the Japanese are about not speaking English if their English is not perfect. - Mar 2018

Just how weird compound life is--and that BBQs are not allowed on my balcony or patio. - Mar 2017

Japanese! - Feb 2014

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