Tokyo - Post Report Question and Answers

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Maybe this could be a great post at a different time. As they say, it’s who you are working for and with not where you are that makes or breaks post. This one has been less than ideal at the moment . - Mar 2019

Japan is a country rooted firmly in two worlds, the modern and the traditional. You're just as likely to walk down the street and see a robot serving coffee as you are a woman in traditional dress. The joy of the place is the constant surprise of what you might encounter next. - Mar 2018

Dream posting for some - meh for others. Maybe I am more of a SE Asia person. - Mar 2017

Japan is a great place, but it's not a given that you'll love it. The language barrier can be huge, and the Japanese are quite socially distant. I've enjoyed our time here and will continue to enjoy the safety, great food, and sites, but I think I'll be happy to move on when our tour is up. - Apr 2013

Many people are put off from bidding Tokyo simply because they believe that Japanese will be too difficult to learn and/or that it will be outrageously expensive to live there.both of these can be true if you really want them to be true. However, there are 125 million Japanese people that have learned the language, so it is obviously not impossible to do (maybe it"s not easy for us as foreigners, but it"s not IMPOSSIBLE). And yes, if you want to spend every nickel then you can definitely do that. But if you don"t want to come home broke, you don"t have to either. If you make the effort to learn at least a little Japanese and also keep an eye on your spending, you will set yourself up for a successful (and downright enjoyable!) tour. - Oct 2008

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