What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

All is available from McDonald’s to Michelin 5 star. - Mar 2019

Everything is available. American, burgers, pizza, Indian, other ethnic cuisine. All within walking distance. We use Ubereats which has gotten confused everytime by the compound and Honest Bee which never gets lost. Take-out is not popular with Japanese restaurants because they worry the food won't be as good. - Jun 2018

So, so many choices! Tokyo has a terrific food scene. Lots of tiny restaurants tucked in every possible corner. Good delivery services, too. Honestbee and Maishoku to name two. We've been particularly happy with ramen (of course) and burgers. Excellent Indian/Pakistani/Nepalese food options too. - Mar 2018

So many- but pricey. - Mar 2017

Anything you want at all price ranges. - Feb 2014

You can get American fast food all around town, but you're better off getting Japanese "fast food" like ramen, takoyaki, and yakitori. - Apr 2013

Everything. From cheap McDonald's to 3-star Michelin restaurants. - Jan 2011

Again, EVERYTHING, although good quality mexican is a little more difficult to find. - Oct 2008

There is a lot of American fast food like MacDonald, Outback, TGI Fridays but many American restaurants many have a Japanese twist. There is any type of ethnic food you can want and of course, lots of sushi, ramen, and other Japanese fare. Tokyo has more restaurants than you could ever eat your way through - they can be pricey, but lunch sets are reasonable by Tokyo standards - Jan 2008

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