What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Trader Joe’s stuff, our skis, more decor for the walls as apartments are bleak and beige and we have a lot of wall space to filll. - Mar 2019

Nothing in particular - Jun 2018

The only thing that can be tough is quality cold medicine/pain relief. A number of things that are OTC in the US are prescription or completely unavailable in Japan. However, you have to be careful in what you bring into the country, as some things are illegal, e.g., Nyquil. - Mar 2018

More clothes and shoes in US sizes. Spices, ethnic ingredients. But, you can get almost everything here for a price. - Mar 2017

Shoes and clothes as Japanese sizes don't quite work. - Feb 2014

Nothing. You can get anything you want here! - Apr 2013

nothing, everything is available here - Jan 2011

You can get pretty much everything you want on the local market, but it will not necessarily be cheap.you might have problems buying clothes and shoes depending on your size, so a lot of folks would buy those things in the U.S. and then ship them. - Oct 2008

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