Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Roaches in townhouses and some apartments. - Mar 2019

Some particular units get roaches because they face trees. - Jun 2018

You may have roaches, centipedes, mosquitos, geckos, or other critters, mostly depending on how old your housing is. Nothing unmanageable, though. Mold happens easily in the rainy season if you don't use your air conditioners enough. - Mar 2018

Roaches and mosquitoes. - Mar 2017

Mosquitos in summer are brutal; there are some cockroaches. - Feb 2014

Mosquitoes are unbelievably awful in the summer, but aside form that, this is a fairly problem-free area. - Apr 2013

cockroaches in summer time. Huge ones! - Jan 2011

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