Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

We have a med unit with mostly good personnel. They tend to send you out for a lot of minor things. They also do not help on nights/weekends and pretty much leave you to deal with the recommended English-speaking emergency room in which they don't actually speak English (based on experience and stories) and don't tend to follow up even if they know you sought other medical care. The nurses have been good for kid appointments. - Jun 2018

Health care is excellent. One caveat is that Japanese doctors who are not used to Western patients can get offended by our tendency to question processes. The norm here is for people to accept what the doctor says completely and without comment. There are a lot of options for medical professionals available. We don't have to worry about being part of the national insurance program, but if you are here on a non-diplomatic assignment there is a lot involved so do your research. - Mar 2018

I do not trust the local government to be honest about post-Fukushima meltdown radiation. - Mar 2017

No concerns; care is good. - Feb 2014

None There is great medical care in Japan. - Apr 2013

Great medical care, no real health concerns that i know of. - Oct 2008

None. English speaking medical care is widely available, many providers are American-trained. - Jan 2008

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