Tokyo - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Japanese people tend to be put together. You can wear whatever you want, but you're going to be better received in public if you dress smart, modest and sophisticated. You'll see lots of interesting fashion styles and bold choices - it's a big city so there are all types of styles. However, for everyday, most people dress in plain colors and simple patterns. - Nov 2020

Business formal with “cool biz” aka- ties optional during hot summer . - Mar 2019

The Japanese dress well in general. However, in Tokyo you see pretty much anything. If you err on the conservative side, probably better. There are 4 definite seasons, so you will need a variety of clothing. - Mar 2018

Formal and business attire. - Mar 2017

Business dress at the work; Japanese are quite formal. During hot months, there is a 'cool biz' dress code (no jacket, tie for men). In public, anything goes although Japanese tend to dress up for all occasions. - Feb 2014

Business dress, as in DC. - Apr 2013

like New York - Jan 2011

Business attire at the Embassy (no casual fridays). - Oct 2008

Generally conservative, a bit dressier than average in the U.S. - Jan 2008

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