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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

I think it's pretty available. People get referrals from others on the compound. Not sure of the cost. - Nov 2020

Filipina maid mafia exists . Lots of HS kids also babysit, dog walk, etc. - Mar 2019

The going rate is now about 1500 yen per hour as the nanny dorm closed in 2016 and helpers pay more to live on the economy. Some full-time employers offer other benefits like living stipends and airfare home. Most helpers are Filipina but it's super easy to sponsor their visa. I hear even high school kids charge around 1500 yen per hour. Japanese labor law strictly requires paying overtime after 40 hours per week. - Jun 2018

Household help runs 1500 yen/hour minimum (currently about US$14). There are services or you can sponsor a 3rd country national, often from the Philippines. - Mar 2018

Many helpers available and living on the compound. Minimum wage is just under US$9/ hour. There are some additional benefits required if you sponsor a domestic helper. - Feb 2014

There's a cadre of Filipina maids who will work for about $10 an hour. - Apr 2013

around US1600 a month - Jan 2011

As soon as you arrive you will be harassed by the Filipina maid mafia! They have all been working for the embassy community for years and they're very reliable and relatively inexpensive (we paid U.S. minimum wage/hour). However, as soon as they hear a new family is moving in, they will descend upon you like vultures on a carcass. - Oct 2008

Generally expensive except on the embassy compound where there is housing available for domestic workers so they are able to work for less. On compound, the average is US$10/hour. - Jan 2008

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