Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Bring an unlocked phone from home and buy a Sim card here; it’s a cheaper & better option than getting locked into a contract with a big provider like SoftBank . - Mar 2019

Softbank is easy to get a personal phone. It's about $100 per month. - Jun 2018

Lots of cell phone options. Best to bring an unlocked phone, or buy a second hand one here, and either get a contract or month-to-month service. It can be tricky to get approved before you have your ID, diplomatic or otherwise. Non-Japanese credit cards are sometimes not accepted. My husband actually got a refillable data-only sim at the airport. He has used it for 2 years and it works perfectly. We use Messenger for voice calls between us, and it costs him less than US$30 per month. - Mar 2018

Most use SoftBank here. - Mar 2017

You will need to acquire a phone locally, which is a process and will take a few days at least. Most people go through Softbank, and you can set it up at the military base. - Feb 2014

Not really. Go get one and pay for one. - Apr 2013

The embassy will provide you one. - Oct 2008

Most people get them locally. - Jan 2008

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