Tokyo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Yes, they were safe, reliable, meticulously on-time, and affordable. - Nov 2020

Yes - Mar 2019

Yes, it's all safe and clean. Taxis all have GPS do if you have an address you are good to go. Metro is cheap and easy to use. It's all well marked in English. Trains are a bit harder to figure out and the large stations can be very tricky to navigate. We don't use buses as we prefer the metro. - Jun 2018

There is a robust public transportation system. Fortunately, Google Maps works well. Otherwise, the subway and buses would be overly complex and very hard to use. I understand that even those who speak Japanese well have trouble in areas of town they are not familiar with. Affordable, no. However, since road tolls and parking fees for private cars are also very high, I would say public transportation is *relatively* inexpensive. - Mar 2018

Taxis are crazy expensive, actually trains can be too, but they are very safe - but super crowded at rush hour. - Mar 2017

Yes, very safe. Trains and buses are affordable. Taxis, not so much. - Feb 2014

Yes to all. - Apr 2013

Expensive, especially taxis and shinkansen (the bullet train). - Jan 2011

All are safe. Trains and buses are relatively inexpensive, but taxis can be very expensive. For short distances they're fine, but don"t even fool yourself about getting a taxi from narita airport to your apartment downtown (litearlly a fare of several hundred dollars). - Oct 2008

Very safe. Taxis are a bit expensive and taxi drivers routinely speak little English but buses and trains are very convenient and easy to use once you get the hang of the system. Trains are relatively inexpensive within the city. - Jan 2008

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