What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

How very poor it is, how polluted it is, how bad traffic is, how long and expensive flights are to Europe and US, how corrupt it is, how difficult it is to achieve development results. - Jul 2020

We had not anticipated how difficult it would be to get to really get to know Malagasy people... much harder than other countries we have lived. People are very friendly and welcoming, but also quite reserved. I think sports (soccer, basketball, rugby) would be the best entry point, if I could do it over again. - Mar 2017

All, part of life's rich tapestry. Roll with the punches! - Jun 2016

How hard it was going to be. How constantly miserable we were going to be. How there is a complete lack of things that children need for healthy growth/development/blowing off steam (even the most basic of parks). The complete lack of infrastructure means that even trying to "get away" by taking a short drive is beyond frustrating, making road trips not worth it. If you're bringing an 8 to 13-year-old-kid who doesn't get carsick and enjoys barely-passable washboard/potholed roads, you're in luck! Those bringing toddlers and babies...godspeed. You're in for a long, isolating tour. The days are long. The years are long. And you're stuck in your walled compound. - Oct 2015

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