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Be prepared for coming to one of the poorest countries in the world with a system of governance that in my opinion serves the country’s elite. - Jul 2020

This has been an interesting experience for us. We wanted to do something different and this checks that box pretty well. Still lots to go see and do before we leave! - Jun 2016

Friends and colleagues who have served in West African posts think that Madagascar is a cakewalk in comparison. Some singles love it and find ways to keep themselves busy--whether flying to other countries or getting massages. Locals I have spoken with say that things continue to go downhill for Madagascar. There are a lot of institutional issues that need to be addressed before Madagascar can start moving in a positive direction. - Oct 2015

The current political situation is very difficult, and life here could change in an instant - for Malagasy and expats alike. It's unfortunate because you can look around and see such promise, but decades of mismanagement have left much of the country inaccessible and the population increasingly poor and uneducated. Geographic isolation and economic desperation make the future of Madagascar unfortunately uncertain. It's very sad because without a doubt this is a beautiful country with incredible people. It's worth it to consider a tour here, but come prepared for uncertainty. - Apr 2013

This is a hardship post, and given its isolation, difficult traffic, dirtiness, etc., it can be a difficult place to live. But if you have the right attitude and enjoy all that it has to offer, it can be the most amazing place you've ever been. - Apr 2010

Have fun and don't try to rush! Also, the Malagasy usually didn't respond well to anger/shouting - they see it as a weakness. - Dec 2008

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