What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Nice house with garden. Horrible traffic. 5km can take 1 hour. - Jul 2020

We live in the SIDI apartments in Ivandry. Our 3-bedroom apartment is frankly the nicest house we've ever lived in, including the US. Modern finishes and amenities, beautiful porches/backyards, nice gardens, good security, utilities included. I'd recommend it if your budget allows. The only unfortunate thing is that the gym/pool isn't included, and it's actually quite expensive (think DC/New York membership prices). - Mar 2017

Totally varies on your timing and who just moved out- some houses small others bigger. Housing pool is decent though layouts are funky and decisions on room sizes by the builders are baffling...how big should your bathroom be? - Jun 2016

A mixture of houses and apartments. Most require a 45-minute to 2-hour commute, depending on the rainy season and road damage. - Oct 2015

Almost all families are in houses, but some are in newer apartments. The houses are old, and many have longstanding structural, plumbing or electrical problems. That said, they are all unique and kind of quirky---and have hardwood floors. If you're willing to just accept this as reality, then you can really enjoy where you live. The houses all have fantastic yards. Most people have beautiful gardens, and almost everyone grows vegetables. Some people have fruit trees. The commute time to the embassy averages about 30 minutes, but it can be much, much longer with traffic. It is possible to bike (or even run) to the embassy through the rice fields (avoiding the main roads - mountain bike recommended). For those who are sporty, this is an excellent option, as it is safe and the route is beautiful. - Apr 2013

Many foreigners live in the neighborhood called Ivandry. Embassy employees live in either houses or apartments. The apartments are new, modern, and very well appointed. I like them a lot. The embassy just moved locations and it takes about 25 minutes each way (no matter what time of day).Without traffic, it takes 15 minutes to go from Ivandry to downtown. - Apr 2010

Most expat families live in a standalone house, not commune. The main suburb for English expats (including American) is Ivandry. The French and Mauritian families generally are spread anywhere in the city. Traffic is not bad, except in the centre city and around an area called Devil's Triangle (road leading North of city towards COT country club). Roads are really bad though, especially in the rainy season. Children and pedestrians are everywhere. - Dec 2008

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