What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Very happy with ASA, very nice new facility, engaged staff. - Jul 2020

American School of Antananarivo, Lycee Francais, British International School. The Lycee is big with lots of facilities. The American school is pretty small, with minimal sports/ advanced facilities. moving to a bigger campus in 1-2 years, things should improve dramatically. IB curriculum. - Jun 2016

There are American schools and French schools. A good mix of both kinds. - Oct 2015

Almost all US Embassy children go to the American School of Antananarivo (the French school is also an option, but I only know of one family sending their children there). The American School is located in Ivandry and is easy access from all of the family housing - you can walk (although part of the walk is on a busy road), and there is also an embassy shuttle that picks up the children in the morning and takes them home after school. The primary campus houses grades 1 through 12. Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten are in another villa about 1/2 mile from the main campus (in the neighborhood). The school day is from 7:45AM until 2:45PM. The school is working to become PYP certified. I would say overall the American School is average. The major advantage is that it is close and the community is small. Our children have really benefitted from such a small campus - they feel able to navigate the school and know many of the teachers by name. The principal and director know every child by name(!) and there is a very informal feel to the setting. There seems to be a real enthusiasm from the community and many opportunities for parents to get involved with the school. Academically, I think the school is fine but not spectacular. There is a real hit-or-miss situation with the teachers - some are the best we have seen anywhere, and others are surprisingly uninspiring. So, from this perspective, it feels like an average American public school. All in all, we're happy because our kids are happy, but we won't leave here considering it to have been the best educational experience they have had (nor the worst). - Apr 2013

I have no kids in the school but have not heard good things about it. - Apr 2010

I have only had experience with the preschools. There is a good French International School and an American School. The French School has the better reputation, but have not had experience with it. - Dec 2008

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