What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Seeing the lemurs, Île St Marie. - Jul 2020

Getting out of Tana and seeing the rest of Madagascar is essential. You can go in any direction - north, east, west, south - and have a wonderful trip. I would highly recommend getting off the beaten track and avoiding the big resorts. - Mar 2017

This is an amazing place. There are trips all over the place to be taken here. Read the Bradt Guide or Lonely Planet for suggestions. - Jun 2016

The ability to fly away to a better destination. - Oct 2015

Making local friends; volunteering at the English Teaching Program in Tana and exploring Madagascar with its Mountain Climbing Club; visiting national parks, trekking and camping; incredible live music and nightlife; participating in local festivities like a famadihana, weddings, and the traditional new year celebration; discovering delicious local dishes; weekly visits to the colorful neighborhood market; meeting and learning from local painters (there are lots of great artists); strolling the historic neighborhoods of Tana taking in the architecture; visiting historic sites around the highlands (the 12 sacred hills etc); learning to play the valiha. - Mar 2015

Without a doubt the highlight of our time here has been the friends we have made. This is a very tight-knit community from our perspective, and because it can often feel like a small town, you find yourself seeing people you know all the time. Unlike the other places we have lived, here we have found that our social circle is much more diverse (i.e., not all American and not all Embassy). This is a nice change. Unfortunately, these highlights have little to do with Tana or Madagascar in particular....except for the fact that, perhaps, with so little to really do here you find yourself spending more time with friends and family, compared to other posts where there is a lot to do. - Apr 2013

The domestic travel has been outstanding. I've taken countless day and weekend trips and have barely scratched the surface of what there is to see. Mainly there's beaches and hiking. I also love the food here. - Apr 2010

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