What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Comfortable climate, apart from rent the cost of living is low. - Jul 2020

A jumping off point to the rest of the country. And really, Tana itself is a beautiful town... great vistas up on the hills. - Mar 2017

It is remote, difficult to get around or through due to traffic, extreme poverty, dire infrastructure.... yet people are friendly, especially if you make an effort in Malagasy, courteous despite their daily struggles. - Jun 2016

Nice weather year-round. Terrific thunderstorms during rainy season. Adorable babies everywhere you look. Inexpensive fossils, gemstones, cashmere. - Oct 2015

Madagascar is truly a unique place. As an island, it doesn't share its culture with anywhere else, although the influences are evident from Indonesia, East Africa, India and France. The wildlife and landscapes are spectacular and the high endemism makes it a truly incomparable paradise for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. There's great natural diversity from one part of the island to the other, and you could easily spend a full tour here only traveling within the country and still not see everything there is to discover. The weather is excellent in Tana. In summer temperatures can creep toward 90F with heavy afternoon rainstorms that create spectacular sunsets and clean the air. In winter it's usually clear and sunny, around 70F degrees in the daytime and in the 40s at night, but it never snows (frost happens rarely). The spring and fall are sunny and mostly clear and in the high 70s/low 80s. There are all kinds of excellent seasonal fruits and veggies, and lots of flowers in Tana (and the national parks!). The way the countryside looks can vary dramatically according to the season. The culture is distinctive and vibrant, and I really enjoyed discovering the music, dancing, cuisine, local customs and worldview, and historical sites, which are numerous and well preserved relative to several other places in Africa. Having lived in other African posts, I feel Tana has as much or more to do within a day's drive than most others, although those who've only ever lived in larger/more developed cities might find the options limited. - Mar 2015

The primary advantage is simply that this is Madagascar - one of those places you will likely never go unless you're doing a tour here. There are lots of amazing things to see, but, they are much more difficult to get to than we ever imagined. The weather in "Tana" is perfect. The culture is unique, and Tana itself, while a bit rough and tumble, is quite interesting. Being here also gives you a chance to travel to other islands in the Indian Ocean at a (relatively) inexpensive rate. - Apr 2013

The weather in Tana is amazing. Because of the altitude, it never gets too hot or too cold. The skies are almost always clear and blue. The traveling opportunities are country cannot be rivaled. There is so much to see and do - you will never be bored. - Apr 2010

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