Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

No problem. - Jul 2020

Yes, Telma offers fiber that gets us about 3 megs to the US. Usually good enough to stream standard definition TV/movies. Infrequent outages but be prepared for them anyway... get a backup 3G router from Orange. - Mar 2017

Currently $130 USD per month for internet service that sporadically goes out. - Oct 2015

Yes, this is available... costs are coming down regularly. Best to check once you arrive in country. - Mar 2015

The regular internet service is quite slow but passable for reading email, news and Facebook. It is annoyingly slow for watching YouTube videos. Skype works fine. It costs about $70 per month. Fiberoptic connection is available, but that is much more expensive - however, those who have it swear it's the key to their sanity. There are at least 3 internet providers. Most US Embassy families use Telma. - Apr 2013

Internet is expensive and of bad quality. I pay $70 for ADSL that is quite slow. It's fast enough for Skype, however. Madagascar was recently connected to two underwater fiber optic cables. I hope that the speed will soon go up and the cost will soon go down. - Apr 2010

It is available but didn't find it high speed? Maybe a few seconds faster than dialup modems... - Dec 2008

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