What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

Need a robust car, lots of potholes. - Jul 2020

I'd go with a small SUV - something with high clearance for the potholes, but small enough to easily maneuver/park in Tana.

Traffic in Tana can be a nightmare, especially during the rainy season. A few times a year, your 45-minute commute may take 3-4 hours in the evening. Don't get in the car unless you pee first. Bring a book. Be patient. - Mar 2017

Roads are harsh here. Potholes and mud can be maddening. A tough late model SUV, preferably 4WD with some clearance height. Traffic is heinous (understatement), parking and maneuvering tight, so leave your monster SUV at home. Fuel is not cheap, diesel better. Toyota king of the heap.. plentiful landcruiser, prados and so forth just like everywhere else in Africa. Easy to get spares and repairs- though not clear how trained the repair folks are here...Probably not thinking they are ACE certified! - Jun 2016

Bring a small SUV with high clearance. Nothing brand-new. - Oct 2015

A small SUV with 4WD is a must during the rainy season, especially outside of Tana. The roads are often in poor condition for long stretches (even the paved roads, and those are few outside of Tana). Japanese parts and servicing are easy to find in Tana. - Mar 2015

4x4 is ideal - especially if you plan on traveling outside of Tana. Smaller 4x4s are better for the small, winding streets of Tana, but you can get by fine with a mid-size. - Apr 2013

4x4 vehicles are the best. I have a Rav4 and love it due to the size. The roads are very very narrow (add to that the lack of sidewalks and everyone and everything being on the road with you), and I can't imagine driving a larger vehicle. That said, many people have large SUVs. Toyota is best, as there are many dealerships and repair shops. - Apr 2010

The less computerized the better - the more mechanical the better. Toyota landcruiser, Hilux/pickup, Mitsubishi, Nissan Patrol, 4x4s etc. - Dec 2008

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