What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Fairly good selection of restaurants with low prices but did not frequent them as did not want to deal with traffic. - Jul 2020

The restaurants here are pretty good and very inexpensive. There's a lot of good French/European food, some Italian, and several good Asian (Korean, Thai, Chinese) places. Lots of pizza. Takeout is neighborhood specific -- for us in Ivandry, it's pizza and Korean food, though I assume you could also get takeout from the Chinese and Middle Eastern places. - Mar 2017

There are some decent eating options in town and some choices close to the typical expat housing area in Ivandry. Costs of eating out are very reasonable. There is not much in way of takeout. Some pizza delivery, though in our experience pizza here is a bit on the sad side, though hits the spot when starving! - Jun 2016

Zero fast food. Ordering take-way generally requires an hour-plus wait, making it not really worth it. Cuisine here is mostly French and Malagasy. There are a few Asian/Indian-inspired places of exceedingly mediocre quality. Going out to eat at one of the fancier places at night involves driving on unlit streets, trying not to hit people, then wending your way back through the streets, which may or may not be sporadically lit by bonfires in oil drums (surrounded by prostitutes and their tiny toddlers). - Oct 2015

The options here are limitless. The best would be to pick up several guidebooks, then ask your friends once you arrive to take you to new places as they open. Good food is not lacking in Tana, and it's possible to eat very cheaply or expensively depending on what you want. Elite restaurants are probably around US$20-30 on average without alcohol (places like Lavaranga or Chez Mariette's [the latter a cordon bleu certified chef who blends traditional dishes with French cooking techniques]). Slightly less fancy high end places are maybe US$12-15 (La Boussole, Ku De Ta). Average for restaurants that draw middle class locals and expats would be around US$5-8 (Gastro Pizza etc). Simple local cuisine in a "hotely" is around US$1-3. - Mar 2015

There are no fast food restaurants - no chain restaurants of any kind, really. But there are lots and lots of great restaurants with wonderful atmosphere and good food. The food tends to be very French. - Apr 2013

There are no American fast food chains. There are many pizza joints, however. The food here is excellent - if you like French fusion. A main course at the nice restaurants will cost about $7. A main course at the nicest and most expensive restaurant in town is only $20. Eating out is a night in and of itself. With wine, appetizers, and desserts (all of which are amazing) a meal will take about two hours to eat. There are many ethnic restaurants here, including Thai, Chinese, Italian, Korean, etc. - Apr 2010

No real good restaurants that I can mention, except La Varangue, Palladios (consistent food quality and service, italian place) - Dec 2008

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