Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Better than many African cities... the Malagasy are generally a live-and-let-live people. - Mar 2017

Seems fairly benign, but not qualified to comment. - Jun 2016

Homosexuality is still frowned upon here in Madagascar, though the embassy has been trying to educate the community. - Oct 2015

Intolerance and prejudice are the norm toward the gay and lesbian community, unfortunately. But there is an underground scene. If you carefully explore, you can find it, and it's a lot of fun (mainly revolving around house parties). - Mar 2015

There is some anti-gay prejudice among the Malagasy population. We have gay friends here who seem to have had no problems, but I don't know specifics about how they were personally received by the larger culture/community. - Apr 2013

It is not a good city for them. There is no open gay scene of which to speak. - Apr 2010

Yes, I saw that they were left alone and could continue as they wished. - Dec 2008

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