Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

No, I found Madagascar incredibly depressing. - Jul 2020

Absolutely. Wish we could stay longer. - Mar 2017

Sure, we actually extended our tour a year, if that tells you anything! - Jun 2016

Absolutely not. I would rather spend a year in a war zone away from my family then subject them to living here again. This experience has siphoned off a good portion of my soul. - Oct 2015

Can't wait to go back. - Mar 2015

Yes, but we wouldn't want to come back here for a future tour. We have made wonderful friends here, and really, it's Madagascar! But it's very far from home. I think it's safe to say across the board that the distance of Madagascar from everywhere, combined with the cost of travel, is the single most significant factor that makes this a difficult post. Our kids have been incredibly happy here - I think it will be more difficult for them to leave than for my husband and I. - Apr 2013

Absolutely. I have loved it here. - Apr 2010

Yes. - Dec 2008

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