What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Nice climate, comfortable temperatures, cold nights during the winter months (it can drop to 8 degrees Celsius). Not humid. - Jul 2020

The weather in Tana is beautiful; rarely too hot and rarely too cold. The sun is pretty intense year-round, though, so be sure to bring sunscreen. - Mar 2017

In Tana, winters are cool (60's F) and summers are pleasantly hot (80's). Humidity is low... so actually quite nice. It is hot and humid in the coastal areas though... - Jun 2016

Mild. Averages 70 degrees, not terribly humid, sunshine most days, even in rainy season. The nice weather here is by far one of the advantages of post. - Oct 2015

Climate is very comfortable - for me, ideal. Because the sun is intense but the altitude keeps things cool, and because Tana is full of hills and stairs, while walking around town it's easy to have sunstroke/dehydration without realizing it. Keep lots of water on hand and drink throughout the day if you're walking. - Mar 2015

As with anything, this depends on your perspective. We find the weather here to be very mild and one of the highlights of living here. Summers (during the North American winters) are rainy with some really incredible afternoon storms. It can get warm, but not too terribly hot. The humidity is usually not that bad. The winters here (during North American summers) are dreary at times and very, very dry and dusty. It can be quite cold at night, but during the day it's comparable to Colorado in the summer. - Apr 2013

The weather is great. It's about 85 degrees in summer and 70 in winter. It can get cold (45 or 50 degrees) at night in winter, however. All Embassy housing has either heaters or fireplaces. The sky is almost always clear and bright blue. It can be quite hot and humid on the coast. - Apr 2010

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