Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Yes - people buy a ton of souvenirs/gifts here. Gems and handmade jewelry; stones, fossils, and petrified wood; cashmere; baskets and raffia items; wood carvings and furniture; etc. - Mar 2017

Some interesting craft items for sure. - Jun 2016

Cashmere (sourced in Mongolia, knitted by locals), dinosaur bones/fossils, petrified wood, gemstones, various carved wood items. - Oct 2015

There are beautiful local woven cloths called lambas that look great framed. Local silver bracelets are also very striking. There are lots of local gemstones of high quality, although not especially cheap unless you know the going prices and can assess quality and bargain hard (the pink sapphires are outstanding). Much of the art sold in artisan markets is mass produced but art galleries like Roses et Baobabs have one of a kind pieces of top quality (paintings, sculptures, drawings etc). Local musical instruments are available and fun to learn. - Mar 2015

There are tons of cool things to buy here - Raffia baskets, wood crafts, embroidered goods, stones. - Apr 2013

Vanilla, scarves, wood carvings, gems/jewelry, rocks, petrified wood, etc. - Apr 2010

Curios, gemstones, Wooden (but then you are probably supporting deforestation!), Rafia products like baskets, etc. - Dec 2008

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