But don't forget your:

Air pollution monitor and how you will cope with daily images of depressing poverty (families living next to trash dumps) and starving homeless dogs. - Jul 2020

Sunscreen, hiking shoes, and some $$$ savings for airplane tickets around the island. - Mar 2017

Bring your bikes- the commute is much quicker on a bike through the fields than sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, bring cool weather clothing (winter here is cooler than you would expect for the tropics!!!!), a good attitude and sense of adventure! - Jun 2016

Antidepressants/coping mechanism of choice. - Oct 2015

sense of adventure (despite the difficulty, it's worthwhile to try to travel here), warm clothes (it's chilly on winter evenings), Malagasy phrase book, and your patience. - Apr 2013

patience for traffic, guide books, sense of adventure. - Apr 2010

Rainboots, coat and umbrella for the rainy season...sunblock and insect repellent. - Dec 2008

New book from Talesmag! Honest and courageous stories of life abroad with special needs.

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