Morale among expats:

This varies widely. LIke anywhere, it just depends on who you talk to. This can be a difficult post - it's far away from everywhere, the cost of travel in the country and out is astronomical, it's very, very poor and there is not much to do. But, within our social circle people are really happy - we have all kind of decided to make the best of it. The advantage is that we all have children between the ages of 10 and infant and we just get together and enjoy time having a drink and letting the kids play. And, despite the uncertain political situation, it's pretty safe here. The climate is nice. It's a lot like living in a small town - and the morale reflects that. - Apr 2013

Morale among my friends is quite good here. We all love(d) it here. - Apr 2010

Good. Easier among families, since a lot in common. - Dec 2008

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