Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. - Jul 2020

Yes. - Mar 2017

Yup. Infrastructure is dire, roads bad, sidewalks even worse. No ADA rules apply here. It is bad enough if you are a normal pedestrian, let alone dealing with a physical disability! - Jun 2016

Absolutely. This is a country with zero traffic lights, massive potholes, and no sidewalks, peopled by a crush of carts, humans, and barely-functioning vehicles. - Oct 2015

Tana would be a very difficult city for someone with physical disabilities. The city is full of hills and rickety 150 year old stone staircases. Large sections can flood in the rainy season. Traffic is slow, including public transport, consisting of private taxis and group taxi minibuses. The latter you have to step up into and they're crowded and hard to maneuver in. Getting around downtown on foot is often preferred because it can be faster, but the sidewalks (where there are any) are usually crammed with street vendors, leaving no option but to walk in the street dodging traffic. - Mar 2015

Many - it would be practically impossible to get around the city. - Apr 2013

People with physical disabilities would not be able to manage the city. It's built on many hills and there are stairs everywhere. There are very few sidewalks and many of the streets are cobblestone. - Apr 2010

A lot. There are hardly any facilities for physical disabilities. - Dec 2008

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