Bujumbura - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Yes. Ants and spiders are popular but the geckos eat them happily. If you leave the geckos alone they will help you keep your bug population to a dull roar. Also, the Embassy sprays the perimeter of your home prior to your arrive so it's more of a maintenance thing after you move in and directly related to cleanliness. Don't want ants in your kitchen? Keep your kitchen clean and the counters wiped daily. Take the trash out daily and mop the floors - again, daily. Household staff is a must here even if you have a spouse who stays home. For $300 (or less) per month you can have a full time staff member who can cook, clean, iron, and manage your household. Why wouldn't you? You are providing a vital job which helps feed, house, and clothe entire families. It is a good deal for both sides! - Mar 2021

Ants are everywhere, occasionally roaches. The U.S. embassy facilities team is very responsive, but there's only so much one can do... - Nov 2017

Ants! - Aug 2015

Mosquitoes (with malaria) are prevalent in Bujumbura as well as up country. It's much worse in the dry season than the rainy season (the rains are heavy, so water is moving and not good for mosquito hatching), so bring your bug spray. - Aug 2009

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