What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Go to a beach --- there are two within about an hour's drive from Hermosillo. They are not overly developed, but both are very swimmable. And that's about it, outside of travel to Tucson. We all find ourselves traveling to Tucson with more frequency than we would have expected for grocery shopping, museum visits, and park trips! - Aug 2015

The beaches of San Carlos and Kino. A trip to the colonial town of Alamos. The zoo. Parque Infantil. Spending time with friends and attending any of the million birthday parties. Trips to Tucson, Tombstone, Phoenix, etc. The square around the cathedral has food vendors and people walking around on weekend evenings. There are some great festivals that come to town (Festival de Pitic, Feria del Libros), and every year there is a huge Expo Ganadera with concerts (kind of like a state fair). Finally, I've been impressed with the number of kids' theater performances that come to the Auditorio Civico. - Apr 2013

Outdoor activities available include quad riding, scuba diving, sailing, ocean kayaking, horseback riding, etc. During the hottest times of the year, many activities are limited to air conditioned spaces and indoor infrastructure is badly underdeveloped in Hermosillo, especially considering how much of the year is extremely hot. The local country club, Los Lagos, is a good option for those looking for one stop entertainment shopping. It is a very good facility that includes the city's only golf course, several tennis courts, an outdoor pool, gym and other workout facilities, and classes for children and adults. - Dec 2009

Plenty of outdoor activities are available within one or two hours's drive, including beaches, hiking, mountain biking, ecotourism, cultural tourism, horseback riding, world class hunting, sport fishing (both salt water and fresh water), etc. There is one golf course in town and a second under construction. Professional (winter) baseball in November, December, and January. There are good movie theaters (at less than half the price of those in the U.S.) with several U.S. produced movies usually running concurrently with those in U.S. theaters. There are usually one or two concerts per year by 'nostalgic' U.S. musical groups. Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) and Scorpions played Hermosillo in 2007. There are top-level Mexican entertainers in concert every spring as part of the ExpoGan Sonora, a three week state fair and livestock show held in April and May. - Feb 2008

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