Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

We have had excellent medical care here. We have an English-speaking Dr. and pediatrician. The care is affordable and efficient. I've been very impressed. That said, for anything major, I would still go back to the states. - Apr 2013

Medical care is widely variant. Several people I know personally have been victims of extreme medical malpractice at "good" establishments such as CIMA hospital. One person almost died of internal hemorrhage. For anything that involves going under the knife that isn't a lifesaving procedure, I would go back to the U.S. - Dec 2009

There is very good medical care available through two private hospitals (CIMA and San Jose) for routine to medium-severe issues. Care is often lower priced than comparable care in the U.S. Some English speaking doctors are available, more in some disciplines than in others. There are many different high quality doctors to choose from in some specialties (e.g., pediatricians, internists, OB/GYN) but less so in others (geriatrics, oncology, sports medicine). For major health issues, it is better to make a short trip to world class hospitals available in Tucson, Arizona (cardiology, oncology, sports medicine, others) or the Phoenix area (Mayo Clinic, Children's Hospital, etc.) - Feb 2008

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